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Tibby Pugs Puppies 

Tibby Pug or Tiby Pug | Tibetan Spaniel x Pug

Available Late January

Males and Females (black and Fawn)

Crossbreed: Tibetan Spaniel x Pug.

Temperament: Friendly, playful and robust 

Recommended: Families and People of all ages

They stand at around 25 cm tall and weigh 4 to 7 kg

Tibby or Tiby pugs remain puppy-like throughout their lives and enjoy playing. They make a good family dog and are trustworthy with children. Although not a yappy dog they will bark at intruders and strange happenings.

Breeders describe Tibby pugs as cheap to feed and not fussy. Tibby pugs are suitable as house dogs and do not require a large amount of space for exercise. They are happy in the company of both older people and families with children. Tibby pugs do not require large amounts of exercise but enjoy daily games and walks. When taken for a walk, they are best kept on leash unless in a fenced off area, safe from passing traffic.

The pug is an adorable breed it does suffer from some inherent genetic problems which can lead to all kinds of issues. Crossing the pug with a Tibetan Spaniel means many of these conditions and issues are minimised. We improve the breed of the dog and quality of life of the dog.