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Spoodle Puppies

Crossbreed: Spoodle (American Cocker Spaniel x Mini Poodle)

Temperament: Devoted, intelligent

Recommended for: Active Families & Couples


Spoodles are a dog with a lot of energy and are suitable for experienced confident families with a spacious, well fenced yard. They are fun, very loving and interactive and extremely easy to train. Spoodles need lots of daily exercise, companionship and games.

They are extremely intelligent and loyal but you need time and commitment. If you are a first time or less dominant dog owner consider a Cavoodle or pugalier which has a slightly lower energy level and is as happy playing ball as going for long walks .

The coat will need regular grooming, scissoring or clipping as it sheds very little. It is up to you how you want them to look, as scruffy or as manicured as you wish.