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Pugalier Puppies for sale

Pugalier Puppies - NSW Registered Breeder

One Black male available.

Our pups come microchipped, vaccinated and vet checked. 

They are robust and ideal for families. Both Cavaliers and Pugs are outgoing and friendly pups. Crossing the Pug with a Cavalier mitigates against some of the health issues associated with pure breed pugs.

Both the Pug and Cavalier are dogs with wonderful temperaments. However, a pure Pug in particular isn't without its problems, particularly with eyes and breathing. The crossing of these two breeds aims to maintain each of these dog's lovely nature whilst improving on the Pug's type. Hence the Pugalier.

The Pugalier sets out to retain the Pug's basic features whilst providing a slightly longer nose. This is a deliberate effort to reduce those eye and breathing problems. These breeds are characterised by a short, broad, almost spherical head with a pushed-in muzzle.

The Pugalier's ears may also be longer than the Pug's due to the Cavalier influence. The cross breed will also usually be bigger than a pure Pug.

Temperament isn't really an issue with either of these breeds. Both are affectionate, though the Cavalier is somewhat more compliant and calm than the Pug. Both breeds have a very 'human-friendly' disposition and the cross breed is much the same. The Pugalier has proven to be an outgoing, inquisitive and fun-loving dog and is highly recommended around children.

A great benefit of this type of dog is its low maintenance. Unless the coat takes on the Cavalier appearance, it won't require any intensive grooming. Although a puppy with many wrinkles will still require a wipe-over with a damp, clean cloth on occasions. If the coat type is similar to that of a Cavaliers, grooming may still only be required once weekly. Prices for these designer dogs are very competitive with that of the parent breeds.

A Pugalier makes a great companion dog ideally suited for small dwellings or even apartments. During the puppy stage you may find the pugalier a little boisterous, though it should calm as it matures. These dogs don't require extensive walks or daily exercise programs. They will simply receive sufficient exercise in their day to day activities. If you live in the warmer zones of Australia, consider a Pugalier over a pure bred pug, it may be more suited to the hotter temperatures.

Young families and retirees have really taken to the Pugalier. Both parent breeds are renowned for their friendly, playful temperament and are an ideal animal for those first time owners who may have children who are nervous of animals.