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Labradoodle Puppies

Crossbreed:  Standard (Golden) Labradoodle puppies available

Temperament: Sociable, intelligent, happy

Recommended for: Active Families, Seniors, Couples

Labradoodles are known for their intelligence, level-headedness, affection, sociability and cheerful disposition.  The mini labradoodle weigh between 5 - 10kg and have a height of  between 30 - 40cm where as the standard varieties are heavier and taller similar to a labrador in height. 

These dogs should be outgoing but not pushy, self-confident but not aggressive and smart but not overly independent. They are loyal, friendly, eager to please, even-tempered, gentle and kind. This combination of traits makes Labradoodles outstanding service and therapy dogs, as well as terrific family companions. However, it does not make them particularly good watchdogs or guard dogs. 

Exercise Requirements

Labradoodles are energetic, active animals. This is generally a water-loving breed, which makes swimming a great exercise option. The smaller Labradoodles usually are quite comfortable living in a small home or apartment setting, provided they get a brisk daily walk and lots of physical attention. 

Training and obedience

Labradoodles are highly intelligent dogs that usually are a breeze to train. They quickly learn standard obedience commands, such as sit, down, come and stay. This breed thrives on being mentally and physically engaged. They love playing and interacting with people and other dogs, especially in games involving chase, fetch or hide-and-seek. As with almost any breed, a Labradoodle’s socialisation and training should start at an early age and continue throughout its life. Some will benefit from an occasional refresher course.