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Jug Puppies for sale

Crossbreed: Jug (Pug x Jack Russell)

Temperament: Active, intelligent, outgoing

Recommended: Active people and families

Available now - fawn & black males

All our pups come vaccinated, vet checked and micro chipped. 

What are Jug puppies? Jug puppies are a cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Pug. We believe the cross between the two breeds works out perfectly, although it depends on your circumstances as to whether or not a Jug puppy will be right for you. Crossing a Jug with a pug gives you a more pug like dog but with fewer of the health issues associated with pure pugs.

It will depend on the parents and their genetics, but most Jug x pug puppies have a face that looks like a Pug and a body that looks a little more like the Jack Russell. They tend to have a short, smug nose. Jug puppies also are more apt to have the curly, Pug tail. They usually grow up to be between 25-30cm high and in the 5 to 8kg-weight range.

Jug puppies have a temperament that is a mix of Jack Russell and Pug characteristics. How much they get of one or the other is mostly a matter of luck. Your Jug will have a personality that is pretty much his or her own. Because the Jack Russell was bred to rid areas of rodents most owners have found Jugs tend to be fairly active and benefit from regular exercise. Jack Russell terriers are pretty much fearless and so are Pugs. That characteristic is one that is sure to carry over into Jug puppies.

A Jug should benefit from the sociability of the Jack Russell. Both breeds are also very intelligent so a Jug puppy should be very smart and easy to train.


Jug puppies need lots of space and exercise and do not do well in confined spaces. At the very least they would need a well-fenced yard to play and regular walks.